Church Summer Activities: 7 Faith Builders for Families

Looking for summer church activities for families? Check out these simple, inexpensive, yet powerful suggestions. They are sure to spark great conversations about faith.

Fancy trips and high-tech gadgets aren’t necessary for top-notch summer church activities. In fact, some of the best experiences happen during downtime.

Encourage children and families to share their thoughts on how they spend time together. Use these questions as a springboard for in-depth discussions:

  • What family moments are most special to you, and why?
  • What would you like us to do more together?
  • What do our favorite family activities say about us?
  • How can we demonstrate our faith in God during these times together?
  • Why does Jesus like us to spend time with him?

These 7 faith builders are tailor-made for use as summer church activities for families:

7 Summer Church Activities for Families

1. Nature hunting

For younger children, make picture-based checklists of things found in nature. Then exit to find each item listed. Children can mark items with a pencil. Then talk about what you noticed about God’s creation. Then take the time to praise God together for creating all the things you found.

2. Express yourself

Use sidewalk chalk to declare your love for each other and for God. Fill your driveway or sidewalk with special messages, family “portraits” and short Bible passages.

3. Opt for “A little more”

Lay out the ingredients for the s’mores. Then do them together, in a chain. As you eat, ask: When did God do “a little more” for you? Why do you think God wants us to do “a little more” for others?

4. Let it shine

Place floating candles in a kiddie pool. Then use water guns to try to extinguish the candles. Talk about how we can make our light shine for God no matter what tries to put it out.

Charles K. Eckert