Darlington Church Ministry Provides Railings and Porches for People in Need | Local News

DARLINGTON, SC – Saturday morning, Joe Ervin and Frank Stoda met at a house on East Hampton Street in Darlington with a mission to accomplish – to finish replacing the front porch of the house.

The couple are part of the ramp ministry at St. Matthew’s Church, but gladly replaced the porch, which had collapsed and rendered the front door to the house almost useless.

The ministry had already put the framing for the porch in place, which left Ervin in the porch calling the measurements and Stoda, the Deacon of St. Matthew, on the saw delivering the necessary lumber to the right size.

Ervin said the group usually formed a bigger crowd, but there really wasn’t enough room to work.

“What we love to do is find people who need a wheelchair ramp. If they have trouble getting into their house, we’ll build their wheelchair ramps,” Ervin said. “If they can afford the materials, we let them pay for the materials and we do the work for free. If they can’t afford the materials, we try to contribute ourselves or we have people who donate money to the church on behalf of the wheelchair ministry, or the ramp ministry, then we pay the ramps that way.

Saturday’s construction was only the second time the group has been at work since the release of COVID vaccines and the easing of pandemic-related restrictions.

Charles K. Eckert