Equip Your Church Ministry Volunteers With These 8 Ideas

Knowing how to equip volunteers is key to a successful church ministry program. Because we live in an instantaneous culture, we are always looking for ways to save time. After all, if I can get my car’s oil changed in 10 minutes, why can’t I outfit the volunteers easily and quickly?

Training volunteers takes more than a quick fix. But there are several things you can do quickly to energize your ministry volunteers.

Check out these 8 time-saving ideas to equip volunteers for the long haul.

Use these 8 ideas to equip volunteers

1. Energy by email

Almost everyone has access to email. So, rather than hold another meeting, deliver training tips via email. Create a mailing list to send a note of encouragement, teacher training information, or program updates with the click of a button. Your volunteers can click Reply All to share comments with the entire mailing list.

2. Talk on tape

Instead of doing all of your gear face-to-face, think about voice-to-ear. Record an audio track (think like a podcast!) on a training topic so your volunteers can practice as they go. That commute to work each morning or walking after dinner could double in workout time. And you don’t have to invest in extensive research for your script. Simply share a current article on child development and then give your response.

3. Training

With a single click, you can send a virtual “class” and have your volunteers practice at home. Many colleges and training centers offer low-cost distance learning courses that would be beneficial for caregivers. Some insurance companies offer courses on risk management and safety, most of which are free for policyholders.

4. You have mail

Although email is the norm today, it just doesn’t have the same impact as good old snail mail. Send “tips for teachers” from your teaching guides and other teaching sources with a handwritten sticky note of encouragement. Sprinkle a little confetti in the envelope before sealing it for a festive delivery. Everyone loves to receive a surprise in the mail.

Charles K. Eckert