Impeding the mission of the church | The spokesperson-magazine

Gathered last week to determine new directions for the distribution of Communion (Eucharist) among its members, the United States Conference of Bishops demonstrates once again how it has become an obstacle to the renewal of faith in the Church. Catholic Church in America rather than an asset.

Bishops debate who “shouldn’t” be allowed to participate in the Eucharist rather than who should, debate meaningless non-questions such as whether gluten-free bread can be used as a medium for the Eucharist (the ruling was no, effectively prohibiting many faithful Catholics from receiving the true Body of Christ), and supporting the exclusion of other legitimately baptized Christians from receiving the Eucharist – in direct contradiction to the own Code of Canon Law and catechism of the Church.

In this way, the conference demonstrates that they are as irrelevant (and dangerous) to Christ’s message as were the scribes and Pharisees of Christ’s day. It is a shame that the leaders of the church are so determined to protect the perpetuation of the institution of the church itself that they completely ignore and even undermine its purpose: to bring the love and presence of God to all, without distinction of color, creed, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political opinions or any other consideration.

Many in the Catholic Church – priests, religious, lay members and, yes, even some bishops – are doing wonderful works. It is a shame that their efforts are so often overshadowed by the totally anti-Christian attitudes and actions of their leaders, which hamper rather than embrace the mission of the church.

Steve blewett

Emeritus Professor of Journalism, EWU

Charles K. Eckert