Iraqi Christians are building a digital church

Iraq (MNN) – Over the past few years Christians in Iraq have built a thriving digital church. Samuel with Redemptive Stories says there are two main reasons.

First, women who come to faith are often persecuted, finding it difficult to travel alone. Samuel says, “Maybe God appeared to them in a vision or a dream, or even on social media. But still, they could live in their family home. But having access to smartphones opened the way for them to hear about the gospel, the hope and the joy offered in Jesus Christ.

“After that, there must be an opportunity for discipleship. And that’s where the digital church comes in.

Second, Samuel says, many people have come to faith in places without physical churches. This applies particularly to rural areas in the south and west, away from major cities.

Church growth

And a lot of people are come to faith in the risen Jesus. Samuel says: “I think the biggest shock was the numbers. If you look at the numbers from different organizations, in terms of those who have responded to the Gospel, some have numbers in the millions.

Praise God for the bonds that are being established between the Christians of Iraq.

As people return to areas destroyed by the Islamic State, some have started rebuild churches. Samuel says, “That’s ideal. And we see digital churches in many cases as the bridge to the ideal.

In the meantime, pray for the boldness and encouragement of the Holy Spirit to rest upon the Christians of Iraq.

Header photo courtesy of Kaufdex from Pixabay.

Charles K. Eckert