Ministry of the Church in the hospices of the Dnipropetrovsk region

Anyone who has ever been in a difficult situation knows the feeling of loneliness, hopelessness, failure and disappointment in life and in themselves. This is pretty much what people feel when they find themselves in hospices and geriatric wards due to disability, illness, old age, etc. For various reasons, there is no one to take care of them, and sometimes they simply have nowhere to live.

These are the people that Adventists in the left bank community of Kamenskoye serve in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The service at the hospice of the municipal hospital No. 4 began in February 2021.

“The visit to the hospice takes place once a month. Most often, unfortunately, this does not work. There is not enough time, ”says Ulyana, one of the initiators of this ministry. “The main members of the group of volunteers are three women who are joined periodically by other women and men. The brothers help bring food to the fourth floor. Tatiana [drives] us and food with things in his left bank car. Basically there are three to five of us.

Ulyana adds, “The reason for our visits is to carry the message of God’s love to people, to talk about Christ and to reveal the character of God. We want as many people as possible to join the family of God and become children of God, to find salvation in Christ. These people are open to the Word of God. They listen with sincere and attentive interest to the songs of the love of God and of the Word that we speak to them.

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“They always look forward to every new meeting. It is clear that they need not only bodily nourishment, but also spiritual support, guidance and training. They want to find hope in God. We don’t have enough brothers who could prepare a little sermon for the residents of the hospice.

Ulyana concludes, “The purpose of our ministry is to convey to people that the Lord loves them and is always with them, leading them to salvation. We feed people, pray with them and for them, glorifying the Lord with songs and short sermons. These people need physical and spiritual nourishment. “

“Lately, many people from the night house have been admitted to the hospice. They were placed in the hallway, making beds and chairs, so we have to perform all the services on our feet, ”says Tatiana, who visits the hospice.

However, various inconveniences do not frighten people whose hearts answer Christ’s call to serve the rejected and bring the good news from him.

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Charles K. Eckert