Mission Critical Trip to Moroto Africa

Hello, my name is Tom Church and I am creating a Go Fund Me account for my friend and colleague Julie Blackmon.

Below, in her own words, Julie describes her upcoming international mission trip to Moroto, Africa, and the impact it will not only have on the lives of those she visits, but on herself as well.

Hello family and friends,

In December of this year, I will depart on my first international mission trip to Africa from Moroto with Mission Critical and the Bullen family. For nearly three years I knew God was calling me to go to Africa with the Bullens and I just didn’t feel the time was right until now. Because I often deal with fear and anxiety, this is not a journey I would have chosen for myself, but God has confirmed to me in multiple ways that the time is right, so I say Yes. I heard recently that the definition of courage is to “do it scared”, so I plan to be courageous in this endeavor.

I would treasure your continued prayers and any financial support you would like to provide. I need to save and raise $4000 for the trip and I have $500 so far. I hope to impact the people of Morota for their glory and I know that deep down this journey will likely impact my own heart more than I can realize right now.

Please consider making a donation to cover the expenses of this trip for Julie and make a difference in her life and the lives of others.

Charles K. Eckert