New book explores church mission and faith in a post-pandemic world

Learning to share the Gospel in a post-pandemic world is the subject of a recently published book, written by a retired priest from the Diocese of Leeds.

“Singing the Song of the Lord in a Foreign Land: Reshaping the Church for a Changed World” is written by Rev. Dr. John Marsh, who in recent times has been involved in training readers and pastoral ministers.

Reflecting on the impact of the Covid pandemic on the mission of the church, John explores whether we have managed to emerge with a new understanding of faith, new ways of being and doing church and reinvigorated commitment towards the missionary task.

Summarizing the book, John (pictured) said: ‘The main task of the church has always been to ‘make disciples’, and we are called both as individual Christians and Christian communities to play our part in responding to this challenge.

“But how confident and effective are we in an increasingly secular and disinterested society?”

In a written recommendation, Reverend Canon Robin Gamble, Church Growth Advisor in the Diocese of Leeds, said: “For years John Marsh has taught the Bible in a way that is engaging, compelling and easy to understand. Along with this, he continually evangelized and grew churches.

“Now he brings it all together in this beautiful, useful and thought-provoking book. Read it and do it.

The Rt Revd Graham Cray, former Bishop of Maidstone and Archbishops Missionary, also said in praising the book: “The Covid pandemic has caused great suffering and great loss. It has interrupted the routine life of many churches. But it also gave time to reflect. How normal are we getting back? What needs to change?

“John Marsh made good use of this time. I welcome his thoughts as we seek to ‘Sing the Song of the Lord’ and stay true to the mission Jesus gave us, in the ‘strange land’ of post-Covid Britain.”

“Singing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land” can be purchased here on Amazon and is available at other popular outlets.

Charles K. Eckert