Person taken to hospital after lightning may have struck Munhall Church ministry building – WPXI

MUNHALL, Pa. — Dozens of bricks fell from the Cleft of the Rock Ministries building during Monday’s storm that produced strong winds.

Structural engineers are on their way to see if the building is safe enough for people to return to. But the pastor tells us that he worries about having enough money to repair the damage.

“I live next door and was carrying stuff in the basement. It shook the steps and shook the whole house,” said volunteer Phillip Jones.

“I thought it was an earthquake. I was in my bedroom on the phone and my whole house upstairs shook and the lights went out. It was really scary,” said program supervisor Daniel Jeffries.

Daniel Jeffries was one of 11 people inside Cleft of the Rock Ministries when the bricks started falling. The Munhall Fire Chief said two people were slightly injured and first responders took one person to hospital.

“One of my residents here, when he heard the crash, he jumped and fell down the steps and broke his ankle,” Jeffries said.

“I saw my only guy who got hurt. He was lying on the floor and the paramedics were there. He was in pain. And then in the back room I saw how the ceiling collapsed” , said Pastor Steven Moseley.

Pastor Moseley says he started the Steadfast Outreach program in this building 15 years ago. He tells Channel 11 that the program helps people with mental health issues, addictions and inmates coming out of prison.

“I have people who have been with me for over 10 years and they don’t want to go because they love the place so much. They love being in the program that I have. And now I have to try to find them alternative accommodation,” said Pastor Moseley.

Pastor Moseley says it could cost him thousands of dollars to repair all the damage.

“We have been doing God’s work since 2001, we have this facility, and this is the first time something of this magnitude has happened to us. We help people, and that puts a damper on our parade,” said Pastor Moseley.

Contact Moseley if you would like to help: [email protected]

Charles K. Eckert