Rural Church Ministry Meeting Held in Shandong

Shandong CC&TSPM held an online meeting of the Rural Church Ministry Special Committee.

On September 29, as the host of the meeting, Reverend Gao Ming, director of Shandong TSPM, pointed out that the meeting will focus on carrying out legal popularization activities in rural churches, resisting heresies and the penetration of religion, and help to solve hot and difficult problems. problems in promoting Christianity in the Chinese context, according to Shandong CC&TSPM.

Reverend Sun Fatian, Vice Chairman of Shandong Christian Council and Director of Special Committee of Rural Church Ministry, reported on the current situation, existing problems and countermeasures of rural churches in combination with the work investigation of the special committee in rural areas. Reverend Sun believed that since members of rural churches constitute the majority of believers in the province, it was important to improve the standardized management of rural churches and the quality of pastoral care.

– Translated by Stephen Huang


Rural Church Ministry Meeting Held in Shandong

Charles K. Eckert