Schools and church activities are suspended in the Ondo community following a bloody terrorist attack on the church

Following Sunday’s attack on worshipers at St Francis Catholic Church on Owa-luwa Street in Owo Local Government Area in Ondo State, schools were closed on Monday, students staying at home.

A source in the area told SaharaReporters that there is palpable fear in the community as parents have refused to release their children/wards to go to school. He said, however, that university activities could resume in the region by next week.

The source, who lost a loved one in the attack, said church activities have also been suspended for the time being, especially as the attackers targeted a large cathedral in the area.

He said several worship activities had also been going on in the area for some time now, but the bloody attack on a church on Sunday was unplanned.

This, he said, will even deter some Christian worshipers from attending church services, as no one knows the attackers’ next target.

“Several people died in yesterday’s attack and the churches have no security officers. They only have traffic cops outside.

“Today (Monday) there is no school, the town is calm. My children are at home, no one will allow their children to go anywhere. Even the church, we’re putting it on hold for now. I don’t think large gatherings will be held anywhere in this place for now because of the fear of being attacked.

“The truth is, these guys are everywhere. I said, the Yorubas gave them Shasha, they gave them Sabo and don’t be surprised that when the security guards check Shasha, there will be AK-47s everywhere.

“The truth is that Owo is not peaceful; sectarian clashes have long been the order of the day. If they tell you that Owo is peaceful, it’s a lie. But we have never experienced anything like the incident on Sunday. How can people just walk into a church and start shooting at unarmed worshippers?

“Apart from the 2015 armed robbery incident that happened a day before the presidential election that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power, we have had nothing like it. A lot of people have been killed, they’ve robbed banks but it’s terrorism and it’s a very big church.

Charles K. Eckert