Summer Activities at Church: 18 Fun Scholarship Ideas

Church summer activities are a great way to reach families! After all, God does not take a sabbatical during the summer months. How can your church seize the season’s unique evangelistic and fellowship opportunities?

To help you think, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer church activities. Check out all these fresh and fun ideas for community building and awareness. (Bonus tip: these are also great ways to involve people of all ages in your church’s evangelism efforts!)

18 summer church activities to try

1. Summer Nights

Plan a series of summer nights of outdoor worship services and fellowship times.

2. Main event

Host an outdoor Christian music concert. Or produce a Christian dinner theater production.

3. Scream for ice cream

Invite the church district over for a homemade ice cream party.

4. Take action!

Host a free family movie night outdoors, projected onto a large outdoor wall. (Make sure you have the correct permissions first.)

5. Food and Friends

Challenge every church member to plan a “Cookout with your neighbors” in their home during the month of July. What a great way to develop friendships and invite neighbors to church.

6. Open the invite

Why not turn your church-wide picnic into a city-wide event with special invitations to VBS and the families of the church daycares?

7. Spread the word

Invite the community to participate in your children’s camps, Vacation Bible School or Wednesday night salad dinners. You might be surprised at the number of participants when they are invited!

8. Independence Day

For the Sunday before July 4, plan a “red, white and blue jeans” Sunday. Invite local government leaders to attend your worship service. Then give them a gift and say a prayer for them.

9. Jump on it!

Form a skipping team for children, skipping to Christian music or nursery rhymes.

10. Wii Bowl

Organize a Wii bowling league with several projections on a large exterior wall.

Charles K. Eckert