The Church’s Mission Requires People to Be Real

Depending on who you are talking to, “true” and “church” are two words that may not be the words you hear put next to each other. Those in the church may hear this name and think that we can be an “enlightened” church, as if all other churches were not “real”. Let me express the heart of our name just a moment.

The mission of our church – Real Church Midland – is simple. We exist to lead real people to a real Jesus with real love. One of our core beliefs as Christians, whether we communicate it well or not, is that we are all messed up people. We all have our “junk” if you will, which is why we believe we need a Savior in Jesus. Too often though, people in the church believe that we have to put on a fake smile, the best clothes, pretend that our family has it all together for us to be there.

Well, at Real Church, just like a lot of other great churches in Midland, we want people to just be “real”. It is not necessary to put on a mask. We want to be an authentic community of faith. Why? Well, we also believe that Jesus is really alive and changing people’s lives. This is our message, and we want to lead people to Jesus with genuine love – never ending. Enter that relationship that Jesus invites you into.

We know other churches in Midland have the same mission and are doing phenomenal work there. This is the beauty of the different types of churches that you can be a part of. It is that other churches will reach people that Real Church will never reach, and we will reach people that maybe others will not reach, yet we are all still on a mission to make disciples.

If you’re still reading this – and I appreciate it – and have thought about going to church or maybe even coming back to church, we’d love to have you. We are currently meeting at Sam Houston Elementary School. If you’re not sure where, just come park at Memorial Stadium and you’ll see us. We meet at 10 am on Sunday. We only have one prerequisite to join us, come as yourself.

For more information, you can follow us on Facebook, just search for Real Church Midland. You can also visit our website at If you have any questions about anything else, send an email to [email protected] Come join our church family and be a part of directing real people to a real Jesus with real love.

Charles K. Eckert