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CHAMPION – With the help of the Champion Presbyterian Church over the past 20 years, fruitful work has been accomplished in Peru and other parts of the world. Reverend Dan McNerney, who was recently a guest minister and speaker at the church, said it was 20 years ago when he came to church and spoke about his missionary work in Peru.

“It’s amazing how much they have helped the church. What I told them during the sermon is that this church did not do this alone but with other churches. They joined a group of churches in Indiana, Illinois and Washington DC and have made trips over the years to Peru and have helped translate the Bible, with health care needs and education.

They also supported the missionaries who were there to establish 10 to 15 churches, ”he said.

McNerney joined the Frontier Fellowship in 1996 and is an associate director. He connected the Presbyterian Church with the Presbyterian Church of Moyobamba in Peru and the ministry to the Aguaruna Indians.

McNerney said church members went to Peru to help build churches.

“Because of what this church and others have done, they have been able to reach unreached people with the gospel message. Many people have never seen a church or a Bibles. I present this church as a shining example of what an American church can do to help people in unreached areas and translate the Bible for them into their own language. I congratulated this church for having done this job so well ”, McNerney said.

He said his missionary work is to bring the Bible into new churches around the world, such as in Afghanistan, where work is being done to translate the Bible into Afghan and Iranian languages. McNerney said he tries to return to church every two years to take stock of the church’s financial and material support. He said work through Frontier Fellowship is also done in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. McNerney coordinates efforts in Latin America and the Middle East.

“It was in 2000 that we first connected with Dan. We were able to support him and support what he had done in Peru. We wanted to stay in touch with him. He will challenge us with what is happening with missions around the world.

He has worked in many parts of the world and we want to help, ”church member Le Double said. He said that since the 1970s missionary work has been an important part of the church, especially helping missionaries.

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Charles K. Eckert