Vandals smash the windows of a bus used for Church ministry

Leaders of a Broken Arrow Church ministry say they are frustrated after vandals destroy a bus they use to care for others. Leaders say this is just the latest of several different attacks over the past eight months.

The bus was parked at the back of the Arrow Heights Baptist Church when it was vandalized. The ‘Get Out Of The Bus Ministry’ pastor says windows were smashed and a fire extinguisher was set off in one of their buses.

He says it appears to be miners looking at the footprints.

Clouse says the vandals used a large rock to smash several of the windows. The non-profit organization uses the buses to care for others every Thursday evening near 11th and Garnett.

They also use a double-decker bus during the summer months, which executives say has had bikes stolen in the past. Clouse says resources that could be used to help others are now redirected to the damaged bus.

He says he also tried to help those responsible to prevent such things from happening.

“I have a note inside this bus right now, the last time they came I just said call me if you need anything, if you need a bike , I’ll give it to you so you don’t have to search for things,” Clouse said. “That’s the most frustrating part.”

The church offers a cash reward for the information. Broken Arrow Police are also investigating, you can call 918-259-8400 for guidance.

Charles K. Eckert